Old World Craftsmanship


Clients often ask what it is that has propelled Budapest to forefront of the Antiques world, making it Europe's second leading wholesale center after France. The answer is quite simple: the restoration. Budapest attracts the lion's share of the good art objects from the territories of the former Habsburg Empire because it is in the vicinity of the city that you have the largest concentration of restorers within Central Europe. These are craftsman trained in the disappearing arts like French polish and water gilding.

When the work is of Museum-quality, we also call upon restorers of the caliber who work on the vast museum holdings in Budapest.

17th Century Italian Baroque "Rape of Europa" by School of Caravaggio

Under a black light showing the layers of earlier restorations

The restorer carefully removes the layers of varnish


Below is an example of a rare Vienesse Secessionsit nightstand with abalone inlay before and after restoration and french polish

Before restoration

After restoration



Quality framing is vital to an important work of art. And each work demands close attention to its own unique features so the framing highlights the work and never distracts. For our clients' needs, we can call upon a large stockpile of antique frames to insure that the painting receives its best setting. We also provide a wide selection of matting and museum glass.



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