The Expert on Sources in Central Europe


Buyer guiding service:

We have been leading both commercial buyers and collectors through Budapest and the countryside for over 9 years now. We know nearly every loacl dealer in the country, and can quickly arrange an itinerary that suits the buyers needs. Since we make the rounds frequently, we are also in a good position know what sort of pieces are currently available. The most common buyer profiles we service are: Country/Pine/Rustic, Art Deco and Modernism, Biedermeier and Classical Style, and Baroque. Each of these styles have their own sources and are skill in guiding has much to do with our ability to quickly grasp and understand a buyers 'look.'

The rate for guiding is €25/hour or 10% of purchases, whichever amount is higher. For large-scale long-term commercial buyers a discounted commission rate can be negotiated. We provide the use of our car, but ask the buyer to cover expenses which can include gas, tolls, parking, as well as hotel and meals if purchasing in the countryside or in the surrounding countries like Romania, Slovakia, and the Ukraine (as is often the case for rustic buyers). The service includes taking the buyer to the sources, translation and negotiating with the seller, keeping accounts and digital images of all purchases, handling payment transactions, and arranging for transportation.


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