Using knowledge to create value

The connection between the Art Market and Art History is an inseperable one. The more that is known about an object the more it is worth. The more an object is known by the public the more it is worth. These basic principles have guided the art market for over 2,000 years, from the time the Romans began their obsession with Greek Art. At Taylor Art Advisors we think that if a client is buying an object above $10,000 in value, then the client is not simply content to be buying art, rathey they must believe that they are buying a piece of Art History. They want to know that they are buying something that fits within the greater march of Western Civilization. To meet this demand there is no substitution for thorough, methodical art historical research practices.

In the pursuit of our high standards, we maintain our own thousand-volume library of art history books, museum collection catalogues, monographs, and exhibition catalogues. In addition we have compiled our own compendium of auction catalogues and results from the previous ten years.

Furthermore, we spend part of every week in the Library of the Fine Arts Museum and the Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences tracking down archival documentation for our research clients.

We provide appraisals and research for paintings, furniture, oriental carpets, and art objects including: glass, porcelain, icons, and metalwork. We can provide simple valuations for legal and insurance purposes. We can also produce highly detailed appraisals of 6-7 pages for a single object.

Since collectors often contact us with questions about their holdings, we've developed a simple €25 fee for an identification with supporting documentation (which can be paid to our paypal account). We think this is the fairest method for assisting people in need of hard to access information at a reasonable rate.

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