About us


Jeff Taylor

came to Hungary with the Peace Corps in 1990 after graduating from Oberlin College (BA English and Political Science). Later he received a Rotary Scholarship to attend the Central European University in Budapest, and earned an MA in Cultural History.
After 3 years of working on law reform in the ngo sector, he decided he'd rather run a business, and founded First European Shipping. The company would become Central Europe's leader in commercial art shipping when he sold it to Austromar GmbH in 2005. He holds Hungarian state appraisers licenses in Antique Furniture and Oriental Carpets, and works as an art agent with Taylor Art Advisors. Central European University admitted him in 2004 to do his Phd. in Cultural History. He is currently writing his dissertation on the development of the Hungarian art market in the 19th Century. Mr. Taylor is an expert in the history of the Art Market and specializes in anylzing the dynamic of art values over time.


Andrea Megyes

majored in English and Hungarian Language and Literature at ELTE University. She also graduated from the ELTE Translators and Interpreters Institute and is qualified for simultaneous translation for English and Hungarian. She is a state-licensed tour guide.
She entered the Art business with First European Shipping and now Taylor Art Advisors. She holds Hungarian State Appraising licenses in Paintings, Graphics, Icons, Porcelain, Glass, and Metalurgy. Ms. Megyes closely follows the Hungarian and European Auction markets observing price trends for Central European Modernist painters.


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