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When buyers strolled among the antiques dealers of Budapest in 1995, they found incredible bargains but no one who could ship them. Jeff Taylor decided to start a business of shipping art and antiques so that buyers could acquire those bargains. So Budapest had grown in to the Art and Antiques wholesale center for Central Europe, and the North American dealers who came here needed a full-range of services beyond just simple transport.

Taylor Art Advisors now specializes in all the agency work necessary to help both commercial buyers and collectors maximize their purchasing in Central Europe. We guide clients to sources, bid at auctions, arrange for restorations, and provide research on objects. And of course we arrange for the packaging and transportation.

We've also begun to regularly comment on the Art Market through our newsblog Art Miser, where we give our own blunt assesments of what is going in the art and antiques business, both locally and in the wider world.

In addition to featuring analysis on auctions, record-prices, up-and-coming artists, and market directions, we also explore the more intriguing and sensitive topics of art-theft, looting, plunder, restitution, and cultural protection. One exciting new feature will be our:

This feature will show an outstanding art object that we feel is both an excellent example of its genre and well-priced. We intend it to be analytical window shopping, and, if the piece is something you're interested in, then we can put you in touch with the dealer who's selling it. During Auction Season, we'll often highlight outstanding but perhaps under-noticed items coming up for sale. A Cool Object of the Week might be a high-end painting one week, and an inexpesive bentwood chair the next. We'll be trying to explore the vast array of goods known as art and antiques.
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And we're also going to be talking price, since we think that is fundamentally our service to the clients: helping them to know what the right price is.

Art and antiques can be a fanastic investment, but like every business, it has its pitfalls and its learning curves. Taylor Art Advisors provides serices that allow our clients maximize the market's opportunities while helping them to steer clear of its dangers.

Free Auction Calendar

Subscribe now to our free seasonal Budapest Auction Calendar. At the start of each Spring and Autumn auction season we send you an email html-based calender with direct links to all the on-line catalogues, and with our own commentary about what can be found at which auction. Then just contact us with what you'd like us to preview and bid on for you.

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